Architecture planning and governance embedded in the solution delivery process

EAM and SOA practice established in a down-to-earth, highly collaborative manner within the teams of Oman Telecommunications Company S.A.O.G.. Atoll helped to define, test and fine-tune the practice and supplied SAMU as an EA and service repository and planning tool, 2011.

In the past, we initiated a number of projects that were related to transformation. I am very pleased to say that our project with Atoll has successfully met the requirements and produced the deliverables that brought value to the organization.

Salim Bader Salim Al Mazrui

GM of IT, Oman Telecommunications Company, S.A.O.G.

The Challenge

Omantel have developed a complex architecture over the years. Business requirements must be satisfied quicker as competition is increasing. Therefore, a steepsharp reduction was needed in IT solution development time was needed to bring new products and services to market faster, while controlling the risks of changes better.

The Solution

Emerging business demands are channelled to enterprise architects. They create a project architecture plan together with business analysts and other IT areas collaboratively for each demand. Plans live together with the projects and are used for decision making, budgeting, governance, and change approvals. Architecture plans are built in SAMU by reusing existing architecture elements and creating new ones.


Project scoping time saved


Changes due to wrong scoping saved


Changes with impact assessed in advance

Less risk, more speed

Detailed change impact analysis

Change managers generate impact analysis reports when planning changes on components. Decisions and approvals are made in full understanding of possible impact and how risks are mitigated.

Joint planning of project architecture design

Demands are translated into high-level architecture plans in the repository. Visual architecture diagrams implement a common understanding of goals, scope and responsibilities across the enterprise.


People involved

People like to contribute, especially when the result is clearly visible. SAMU brings people to table.

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