Service trees of CMDB can now be browsed visually in SAMU

Configuration items and relationships maintained by the IT operations team in the HP Service Manager can now be browsed and analyzed visually thanks to SAMU. On the other hand service definitions are synched back from SAMU to HP Service Manager. Magyar Telekom, 2015.

When operating production environments there is close to zero space for failures. SAMU gives us the platform to assess and mitigate the risks of changes and deliver corrective actions quickly. We also use the system for strategic decision making and cost assessments.

Tibor Jókai

ITSM organization branch leader, Magyar Telekom

SAMU helps me and my team to tell exactly how a change of an IT technical component (eg. IT network, firewall or server) impacts applications and services. Application and service owners are now given a dedicated visual impact chain to assess the preparatory and follow-up actions required.

Nándor Bekk

change and configuration manager, Magyar Telekom

The Challenge

IT people either smile or grind their teeth upon hearing about CMDBs. A great amount of money is burned every year to maintain them. CMDBs are great if data is reliable and visible to people. Making the knowledge accumulated in the CMDB more accessible and appealing to ordinary users is what Telekom looked for.

The Solution

One of SAMU’s prime capabilities is to visualize a large amount of data in a nice and engaging manner. Therefore we put it in action by fetching daily exports from the CMDB and visualizing physical resources and their relationships to logical layers and services. Users may use SAMU as a graphical layer of the existing CMDB to understand service trees, perform analysis and find the root causes of issues. What’s more, we used the same repository as the Service Delivery department has built.

Service trees have become visible in the forest

The IT operations team can browse the content of the CMDB visually in the logic of the CMDB. The welcome screen also contains shortcuts to impact analysis reports for incident management and change planning.

The dependency tree of a server with the route to a particular service highlighted. You can analyse the trees easily by highlighting elements and relationships based on user defined rules.

Dependency tree of a selected application configuration item.

Dependency tree of a database.

Common enterprise service library

Service planning is done in SAMU by the composition of available service specifications. Physical resources are synched from CMDB and linked to logical resources and services.

Clear visibility

Service trees can be graphically browsed allowing better change assessment, quick reaction to issues and more effective communication to other departments.

Improved data quality in CMDB

Visual dependency tree reports are quickly available on any service, which makes the discovery of inconsistencies easy.

Increased value of CMDB

A flexible visual layer makes dependencies visible, resulting in better every-day and strategic decisions.

Support everyday decisions

Root cause analysis
Impact analysis of planned work
Event management
Planning (server virtualization, consolidation, data center consolidation, in-/outsourcing)

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