IT support for Cloudera

Cloudera, one of the most innovative data management and analytics companies in the world opened a key office in Budapest. With exceptional growth plans in place a true partner providing IT support was indispensable. We also use our SAMU tool to deliver these services. 2016.
Cloudera is a high growth company offering the leading data management, analytics and machine learning platform built on the latest open source technologies. As I am responsible for our IT department, partnering with Atoll ensures that I can focus on what matters most – keeping our IT operations up and running. The team at Atoll is truly proactive and has helped us eliminate the distance between Palo Alto and Budapest.
Travis Melo

IT director, Cloudera

The Challenge

From zero to over 200 professionals in 24 months, Cloudera started its main European operations in Budapest. Aggressive growth is coded in their veins, and the new office will be a key success factor in servicing Cloudera customers world-wide. The happiness of Cloudera customers requires a focused and ever expanding engineering team, which must be supported by a smooth and stable IT background operations.

The Solution

Atoll, developer of large systems in critical industries itself, was chosen by Cloudera to ensure its own IT operations. Atoll’s service consists of building and operating a changing IT environment that best suits to Cloudera’s local needs and global standards. Flexibility is a fundamental characteristic of that, in order to make sure Cloudera’s growth are built on solid foundations.

Growth to 120+ Cloudera staff in 18 months

Complete move of IT systems over a weekend

I moved over to Budapest to help Cloudera to open its office there. I knew I had a huge task in front of me and managing internal IT support was not among my top priorities. I needed a partner that I could trust and that could deliver the support I needed. Partnering with Atoll meant that I could focus on those matters that I needed to in order to achieve our successful expansion plans. The team at Atoll have been a valuable partner in these efforts.
Alexander Bibighaus

director of engineering, Cloudera

Services provided…

Guaranteed SLA
On-site and remote IT support
Compliance to Hungarian IT Regulations and global Cloudera standards
IT Asset Procurement & Inventory


…with the help of SAMU


When we started supporting Cloudera, it was obvious that our colleagues needed a tool to help them manage and govern the constant flow of data and processes related to assets within Cloudera. SAMU provides a transparent repository and allows for knowledge sharing and the ability to follow up on the fast changing requirements.
Cloudera has grown fast and we have been here since the beginning support this growth from IT perspective. The Budapest office is now Cloudera’s second largest office in the world. SAMU has been a huge help in supporting this fast growth as we store all information about the assets in SAMU starting from the ordering process, to the handover of the assets to the local employees. Through that we are able respond to any incidents or the requests of Cloudera’s local teams including the HR and Finance departments.
Viktor Kiss

Cloudera support staff, Atoll Technologies Ltd.

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