Quick and reliable risk assessments at Eximbank

The approval process of export subsidies gained speed and convenience by the new Balance Sheet Analysis and Debtor Rating application. Eximbank, 2013.

The goal of Eximbank is to support the export activities of Hungarian companies effectively. Precise credit and risk analysis is necessary to make financing decisions. The Balance Sheet Analysis and Debtor Rating tool developed by the experts of Atoll contributes to this work by running the risk assessment workflows professionally and transparently. When deciding for Atoll it was very important for us that they understood our service processes and oversaw the entire problem space.

Péter Veres

deputy director of risk analysis methods, Eximbank

The Challenge

Previously, Eximbank’s credit scoring process was supported by a traditional office application package, which required the risk assessment team to put a great deal of effort into high quality editing, process maintenance, and data protection. To improve their effectiveness, they needed a new application in order to accommodate their specific operating rules and calculation models.

The Solution

Support for the risk taking decisions required an IT tool. The custom-designed Balance Sheet Analysis and Debtor Rating application allowed Eximbank to accelerate and improve the examination of the credit rating of existing and prospective corporate customers.

Quality decisions

Clear CRM

Besides the easily followed and transparent customer service quality process, it is possible to perform a parallel workflow for the same customer base.


Assessment and approval processes supported by workflow and teamwork functions.

Variable assessment model

In addition to the variable parameter assessment model, the automatic reports will further facilitate decision-making.

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