Automatic invoice processing at Neckermann Hungary

New dimensions opened in the extremely busy contracting and accounts payable processes in terms of speed and quality. We created an automatic and content–driven BPM system for Neckermann, 2016.

Neckermann Hungary is the member of Thomas Cook, the second largest leisure travel group in Europe. Our success is based on the effective and correct cooperation with our many hundred business partners across the globe. Multiple geographies mean multiple regulations, which – together with our group-wide standards – demand the right mix of process discipline and flexibility in contracting and accounts payable too. I found these qualities in the solution delivered and a great team of people seeking to support our goals. We gained efficiency and transparency in handling our business partner network, which ends up in millions of relaxed globe-trotters – our primary mission.

Balázs Sáfár

Neckermann Hungary

The Challenge

Thomas Cook and its subsidiary Neckermann sell services via agents and charter operators, who in turn receive commissions. Agents issue tens of thousands of invoices manually. As the timing and value of invoices is not known to Neckermann in advance they have to approve invoices and assign line items to cost centers and other entities manually. For decades they have been doing this by circulating paper between involved parties and employees, and finally entering data into their ERP (SAP) manually. This paper based process used to be slow and error prone, that is the reason they decided to implement a system which handles invoices digitally, automates the approval process, and integrates to SAP.

The Solution

A Content Centric Business Process Management System was implemented that automates the contracting and accounts payable processes with workflows.

Invoices are digitalized upon arrival and extended with barcode and meta-information before placed into a central document repository. Workflows are started based on the data extracted during scanning and completed over electronic forms. Line items are recognized by the system and sent to approval to the appropriate persons. Searching and reporting among the electronic documents are made possible, quick and bound to permissions. The implemented system was integrated with SAP to read partner information and write back invoice data for further processing.

Quality decisions


Automate the approval process

Assigning tasks to users are done based on pre-set business logic. Users have a workbench with tasks and deadlines highlighted.


Build a central e-document repository

Paper based documents go directly to a storage room. Anyone assigned to a task can look up the document in the repository quickly.

Provide analytics

Insights are available for both individual cases and case types. The performance of processing can be measured and improved.

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