K&H Insurance - Direct Sales Portal

We built a portal where customers can easily purchase different products, let it be car third-party, home or travel insurance. Next, next, finish. K&H Insurance, 2014.

We have worked together with Atoll colleagues for many years. The members of the team are helpful, proactive and always strive for maximum efficiency of the processes while taking into account the perspective of the client.

Renáta Albert

direct sales product owner, K&H Insurance

The effective route to clients is a powerful, secure yet simple online channel. We have worked very successfully with Atoll to develop one for K&H Insurance.

Balázs Nagy

head of digital sales, K&H Insurance

The Challenge

As getting insurance online has become widely used and demanded, K&H Insurance launched a new direct sales channel to strengthen its market position in the non-life insurance segment. The traditional ways of offering insurance products do not work online – in the absence of personal guidance by agents, it must be so simple to use that people would smoothly and quickly progress through the sales funnel. What’s more, the application must also support the sales of other linked products and options.

The Solution

In order to deliver an online channel people love to use, we addressed the requirements by a team of UI professionals, who first conducted a user behavior analysis. Once the customer acquisition strategy and process were clear designers built mockups that were again tested by sample users. Based on the fine-tuned specification our programming gurus built the online Direct Sales Portal. SEO and analytics experts worked on the project too, making sure that the best sales results are achieved by smart A/B testing and keeping a finger on the portal’s pulse.

additional insurance contract since launch


faster contracting than at counters

calculation since launch

Quick and simple insurance online

Multi-product, single entry

All non-life consumer insurance products are available online: compulsory motor third-party liability, travel and home.

Effective cross-sales

Clients are offered compulsory products based on their preferences.

Next. Next. Finish.

All happens quickly and in the same logical order that is so easy to follow.

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