When looking for an IT solution for a business initiative you need IT people with technical excellence who also understand your business. That’s exactly what Atoll has given us for many years and in many projects.
Imre Fónai

head of direct sales, K&H Insurance

Solutions we developed…

  • Data Management System based on Dynamic Form using Form.io and Orbeon framworks
  • Treasury Backbone, a solution used successfully by several banks to automate backend treasury processes
  • Enterprise Content Management solutions
  • Corporate CRM and sales support system
  • Frontend calculators and sales portal for insurance agents, brokers, bank branches and online (vehicle, motor third-party, property, travel)
  • Business process automation
  • Higher education information system
  • Administration system for nationwide elections
  • ITIL solution stack including CMDB, service desk and change management workflow

This is how we work…

Your goals in the focus

What do you want to achieve? How can a new solution help you in that? We want to understand the business benefits, therefore we listen.

Thinking steps ahead

Overseeing goals, constraints, we evaluate future challenges and provide options.

Switch on the think-tank

We love to get challenged and let collective creativity roll.

We communicate

We were given mouths, ears and good manners, so we can discuss any ideas and challenges.

Sectors we have the most experience in…

Banking and insurance

Atoll was founded in 2001 to develop software in the Finance industry. We have been actively supporting banks and insurance companies ever since.


Our largest scale projects have been in the public administration.


We have special love for telcos, being in forefront adopting new technologies and working methods.


Never imagined representing water pumps in our software.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In addition to our SAMU product, many our custom software developments support customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Technologies we use…

These are the most common technologies we use. We may apply others depending on the client’s environment and preferences.

  • Frontend technologies: Angular, JSF, Vaadin, Wicket, Bootstrap​
  • Backend frameworks: Spring, Java EE​
  • Application servers: IBM Websphere Application Server, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle IAS, Oracle GlassFish, Red Hat JBoss
  • RDBMS: Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL​
  • Integration: Websphere Message Broker, Websphere MQ, Activiti Workflow engine​
  • Document management system: Alfresco
  • DevOps: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Form engine: Form.io, Orbeon Forms​

We extensively test the latest technologies to select the best and most reliable to adopt.

Any business demands to meet?

Atoll has a wealth of experience in bespoke software development in various industries. What’s more, we also have the passion to develop solutions that deliver business benefits.