Automate treasury processes

Automate treasury processes such as FX, interest and securities rate fixing. Distribute market and static data centrally to subscribed backend systems.

K&H Bank has been using the FX distribution system to manage complex FX operations in the Bank since 2007. Having spent less resources on daily operations – acquiring market data, fixing, validating and distributing to back-end systems – is just the tip of the benefits we have gained. With the validation policies and automatisms implemented, we have reduced the chances of any human failure and ensured the consistency of market data across the Bank, which is critical in our business.

Éva Kádár

head of investment services back and middle office, K&H Bank

Central internal data market

Consolidate market data sources and manage target systems centrally. Offer accurate, validated and approved market data to back-end systems as a subscription service.

Reduced risks of trading on false market data

Automate the calculation of generated rates, like cross exchange and averages and other derived bank rates. Follow the four-eye principle to ensure that only approved prices are distributed.


Faster process

Reduce the time and costs associated with the standard daily operations of Treasury.


Full audit trail

Control and log everything centrally from who fixed rates through who approved them to which system received which data.

Financial exchange rate

Calculate, fix and distribute FX rates.

Interest rate

Calculate, fix and distribute Interest rates.



Calculate, fix and distribute security rates and static securities data.

Business functions

    Data Input

    • Read online data from Market Data Services via APIs (g. Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs)
    • Record and manage data received


    • Calculate bank data such as cross exchange rates, averages, interests and securities automatically as per pre-configured rules
    • Validate and warn when rate differences are detected
    • Notify designated employees
    • Create special rates and pricing
    • Use a multi-level approval process (four-eye principle)
    • Rely on a built-in workflow to support the fixing procedure, aided by web interfaces, notifications and warnings

    • Compile technical data from bank data ready to be distributed
    • Automate distribution post-approval
    • Report on rates distributed


    • Maintain distribution lists from the user interface
    • Manage different FX, interest and security types and groups
    • Configure parameters dependent on market data type (e.g. decimal values)
    • Handle bank holidays
    • Handle margins
    • Keep a full audit-trail
    • Create historical reports on the data received, generated and distributed

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