Regain control over your documents

Data is one of the greatest assets of an enterprise. Implement an enterprise-wide content management practice and manage the life cycle of documents centrally.
Our dedicated team will help you to establish common content management and workflow services offered to all business applications.



Central document repository

Consolidate your documents in a single, centrally maintained document repository.
Provide sophisticated document management services for all business applications.

Simple architecture, faster processes

Reduce development costs and accelerate business processes by implementing the company-wide document management and workflow functions centrally.

Paperless office

Get rid of the mountains of paper-based documents. Change to electronic format as soon as possible and reduce the costs of document management radically.


Introduce centrally controlled access management and document retention policies depending on document life cycle. Keep access logs to guarantee the safety of your documents.

Services we provide

Develop document management strategy, create models

  • Survey and categorize the document assets of the enterprise, and design rules for document life cycle and access
  • Create a system integration map and a roadmap
  • Implement documents in ECM systems and define workflow and access models

Create central document repositories

  • Build central document repositories based on IBM FileNet, Content Manager or Alfresco
  • Implement a document model
  • Integrate systems, create alerts
  • Interface with storage devices and optimize storages


  • One-off or continuous high-volume and efficient migration of documents, from/to Image Services, Content Services, Content Manager, FileNet, OnDemand, file system, RDBMS and other systems


Central and distributed scanning

  • Scan a large amount of documents and add meta-data centrally
  • Scan with office scanners

Build document-based workflows

  • Create and modify industry-specific workflows (e.g. Account verification, customer e-document access, etc.)
  • Create workflows and forms based on IBM FileNet or Activiti
  • Build up a role-based portal interface with IBM FileNet or Liferay

Extract management

  • Use IBM OnDemand to store a large amount of extracts and invoices effectively

Generate print output, print centrally

  • Produce a large number of scheduled or one-off documents based on information provided by business systems
  • Produce multiple output formats
  • Handle templates that can be defined and modified by the user
  • Transfer print tasks to industrial printers


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