In the past, we initiated a number of projects that were related to transformation. I am very pleased to say that our project with Atoll has successfully met the requirements and produced the deliverables that brought value to the organization.

Salim Bader Salim Al Mazrui

GM of IT, Omantel

The overviews and the details provided by the repository give the architecture governance process a sound basis for decision making. Proper decisions in the process yield better solution quality and fewer operational problems. We are pleased to use SAMU as the tool for implementing our architecture repository, and we are very happy with the support Atoll has provided.

István Maradi

Chief Technology and IT Officer, Magyar Telekom

SAMU has been part of our everyday life since 2006. Both the product and Atoll are highly flexible. We have virtually had no need to which a positive response was not given.

Róbert Fritsch

Director of IT, Waterworks of Budapest

SAMU finally delivered to us, architects, what we need to be able to manage business applications: a single and flexible architecture repository with all the views we require. Every diagram, Excel sheet, validation report and document is generated from one common database.

Tamás Nacsák

Enterprise Architect, HP

We have found the SAMU tool absolutely brilliant. With its flexibility, we have defined and captured both broad and detailed information on the various whole-of-government artifacts. The simple GUI interface is effective in performing logical analyses and designing possible to-be architectures.

Omar Salim Al Shanfari

Deputy-CEO, Information Technology Authority of the Sultanate of Oman

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