Since our founding, we have paid special attention to the quality of our work. We believe that through quality testing, we can provide our customers with reliable and flawless software solutions which contributes to the overal reputation and success of our business. Through our testing services, we try to help our customers by making errors visible earlier, thus reducing costs while ensuring that their systems will provide the best possible user experience.
Tamás Nyári


Manual testing

Our colleagues, using their many years of experience, prepare the software tests and guarantee the quality of their application. They are positioned in a real-life environment, in the role of the user, and identify errors in the functionality and interfaces of the system, through the use of positive and negative test results.

Automatic testing

During the quality control process, automated tools are used to check the application. In this way, we provide an opportunity for faster and more efficient testing, since we can thus process many test cases.
Automatic tests are highly recommended to replace manual regression testing, where software changes are automatically checked, in accordance with the expectations of the business.

This is how we work…

Technologies that we have skills in…

These are the technologies we use most often:

  • Celenium
  • Cucumber
  • Cypress

In our projects, when choosing specific tools and technologies, we strive to use the best fit for the client’s environment and needs. We constantly test new technologies, in order to use the best and most reliable ones available on the projects.

Any business demands to meet?

Atoll has a wealth of experience in bespoke software development in various industries. What’s more, we also have the passion to develop solutions that deliver business benefits.