Design a Better Enterprise

Use SAMU to visualize your enterprise architecture and design transformation projects collaboratively.

A good architecture diagram is worth a thousand words. SAMU generates compelling diagrams about EA and provides the right platform to plan changes and assess their impact on your enterprise architecture.

Seamless communication

Develop a common understanding about architecture and share knowledge. Involve the business guys and fellow workmates in discussions using clear and focused diagrams.

All reports are created on-the-fly based on queries against the EA repository. Update any component or relationship directly over the diagram.

Informed decisions

Never miss a point! Complexity is presented simply on straight-forward, query-based and auto-generated diagrams. Use EA wisdom for decision making and impact analysis in a flash.

Well-managed transformations

SAMU gives you the right platform to model the dynamism of your environment and manage transformation from planning to completion.

Design the overall footprint of projects collaboratively: mark existing architecture components and relationships to be modified or removed, and define new components. SAMU will help you to consider every possible impact.

Light speed start & True flexibility

SAMU is a true repository, which comes with our best practice meta-model, report definitions and settings. However, you’re completely free to tailor it to your needs over the GUI. Your meta-model will reflect your exact requirements, and you can define reports anytime in a minute.

Collaborative planning directly in the repository

The overviews and the details provided by the repository give the architecture governance process a sound basis for decision making. Proper decisions in the process yield better solution quality and fewer operational problems. We are pleased to use SAMU as the tool for implementing our architecture repository, and we are very happy with the support Atoll has provided.

István Maradi

CTIO, Magyar Telekom

Auto-generated engaging diagrams

All diagrams and other reports are generated by SAMU based on data queries real-time.

True repository

The meta-model is completely flexible.

Super-quick start, great flexibility

We deliver SAMU ready to roll with our best practice configuration – you’re free to change it or create your own.


Easy Excel import, immediate visualization

Use the Excel import wizard to load data to SAMU. There are other ways too, such as input screens on GUI, XML and online data sync options.

Do you prefer on-premise or SaaS?

SAMU is a JAVA application storing all configuration and data in a single database.
The same functionality is provided as on-premise software and as a cloud service.

On-premise implementation

Deployed at your premises offering the full breadth of integration possibilities.

Software as a Service

Use SAMU care-free hosted on our servers.

There is so much more to experience!

Find out how can SAMU help your business. Flick us a note and schedule a great live demo now.