One of the key advantages of SAMU is its ability to automatically generate appealing and easy-to-comprehend visual graphs of the complex environment with overviews and drill-down capabilities that help to extend the reach of the EAM practice to different teams. Diagrams make common understanding easy, which is vital today when IT and business people jointly deliver change to achieve competitive edge.

“SAMU has been created to be a true repository with a totally flexible meta-model and reporting engine right from the start. It offers a unique modelling experience with automatically generated overviews, drill down capabilities and user-definable reports for analysis. What’s more, transformation can be planned and managed in a logical and practical manner,” says Peter Lakhegyi, Atoll’s Business Development Manager.

“We are pleased to be a participant of this survey. It has special importance in the life of Atoll given the fact that an increasing number of German companies have become interested in SAMU recently,” he adds.

SAMU is available as an on-premise product as well as a cloud service.

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