Leading industry research firm Ovum has featured Atoll SAMU, in its On the Radar report, as a toolset to promote innovative thinking by visualizing architecture knowledge.

Digital transformation, merger and acquisition, and restructuring initiatives all need an understanding of the impact on the enterprise landscape and architecture. SAMU provides an approach for enterprise transformation, along with the ability to view the current landscape and design the future desired architecture, as well as being able to manage projects and the entire transformation from beginning to end. The toolset can help to identify the impact of proposed changes and highlight conflicts or dependencies.”- Ovum concludes.

We created Atoll SAMU in order to empower people and organizations to make the right decisions before and during transformation initiatives. Engaging visualization of architecture and change impact can enhance communication, reducing risks and increasing agility in vertical teams.

About Ovum: Ovum is a market-leading research and consulting business focused on converging IT, telecoms and media markets.

About Atoll: Atoll was created as the software subsidiary of a consulting firm. Since then, we have participated in numerous enterprise transformation initiatives by developing customer-centric clever applications. Our flagship product is Atoll SAMU, a super-flexible web-based enterprise architecture repository that can visualize complex architectures on an engaging manner and be the planning backbone of transformation initiatives.