Meet SAMU at the BBC in Orlando

Atoll will participate the BBC conference for the second time in Orlando, November 6-10, 2017. Looking forward to meet meeting you there.

Atoll at IHBC St Patrick’s Day Business Event

Atoll is an internationally active company and it is important for us to talk about the challenges faced doing business in a global environment. As a member of the Irish-Hungarian Business Circle, we participated at IHBC St Patrick’s Day Business Event on March 29.

Ovum put Atoll SAMU on its radar

Leading industry research firm Ovum has featured Atoll SAMU, in its On the Radar report, as a toolset to promote innovative thinking by visualizing architecture knowledge.

The transformation game – evolution vs. revolution

Business is in constant motion. Our operating environment is continuously morphing, competitors rise and fall, fashion changes, technologies emerge and become obsolete, laws and taxes are modified. Successful corporations must follow the trends and be agile. Change can come in many ways – sometime in the normal flow of evolution, other times as a radical revolution. In all cases, having accurate snapshots of the affected architecture and the targeted future state is rather beneficial. In this post we will look into how such snapshots can be made and maintained. Read more about the topic in our blogpost.