Enterprise architecture management is not the task of few that will benefit a few. Contemporary, yet down-to-earth EAM practices involve everyone in the organization and deliver the right information for decisions to many. It is the structured thinking that models important “things” and their dependencies in the enterprise – and “things” can be whatever makes sense to you: processes, data, applications or technology. EA knowledge can support all kinds of decisions and initiatives:

  • How are execution business processes supported by IT?
  • How will IT deliver tailored solutions to business process changes?
  • What is the overall impact of a project on the entire architecture?
  • What is the total impact chain of a technology failure? The delivery of which business capabilities might be affected?
  • Is it possible to optimize software licenses based on real architecture usage data to reduce costs and increase the amount available for new projects?


We built SAMU to help everyone in the company to benefit from EAM. It comes with a complete but absolutely flexible environment to manage AS-IS and TO-BE architectures, perform constructive governance and IT portfolio management. SAMU is able to automatically generate appealing and easy-to-comprehend visual graphs of the complex environment with overviews and drill-down capabilities that help to extend the reach of the EAM practice to all stakeholders. Architecture data maintenance becomes part of the project planning and change management exercises in a business user friendly way, causing gaps between IT and business to disappear.


SAMU will be showcased in our booth at EAMKON. Please come by!


Please find more information about the event here: www.eamkon.de