Architecture management looks at the enterprise as a whole, including its business, information (data), application and technology aspects.

Why should the information layer be given particular focus? As a key asset of the enterprise, data play a relevant role in several respects. On the one hand, as all processes within the enterprise generate and process data, they are one of the pillars of operations. On the other hand, as data are managed by applications, they are essential to provide IT support for processes. Their organisation is a matter of architecture, which requires particular attention.

Our workshop will explore ways of obtaining a comprehensive picture of information architecture and how that knowledge can be used actively for high-level project design. Among other things, this requires:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the situation as is, including information architecture
  • Architecture management practices used on a daily basis to implement the strategic and tactical objectives of the enterprise
  • An understanding of the situation to be, based on which transformation can be planned and monitored

As a founding member of the Architecture Forum, Atoll is participating at the event for the 4th time. At our workshop, the role of information architecture in linking various layers will be explored using our product SAMU, which enables users to register the entire enterprise architecture as well as to analyse and design it through graphic diagrams.


You are welcome to attend our workshop in Warsaw.

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