Peter Lakhegyi, GM of business development delivered a case study presentation, entitled Case Study: EAM – The Enabler of Enterprise Transformation, followed by a panel discussion about how agile software development can benefit of EAM.

Thank you for all the interesting discussions at our stand and for all the questions regarding our EA tool SAMU.

Kalku 1, Riga, Latvia: 5–6 November, 2013

Presentation: 5 November at 10:30 (Case Study: EAM – The Enabler of Enterprise Transformation)

Panel discussion: 5 November at 13:30

2nd International Business and System Conference co-hosted with the 6th IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise ModelingBusiness analysts appear in different roles and they are expected to perform in both areas – business and technology. The conference will address business analysis from a systems thinking perspective. The event is dedicated to making ground for experience exchange between researchers and practitioners involved in various roles relating to business analysis.Enterprise architecture management is a key discipline to analyze and transform companies. The era of big data, mobile, cloud and mass collaboration requires a structured yet practical approach to changes. Atoll has delivered skills and its SAMU tool for such initiatives. We have also worked out an integrated EAM–BPM platform recently.For more information, visit