–14°C and intense icy winds awaited the contestants at the Union Glacier this year, which is not something you can easily prepare for. “When training for such an event, the key is to go out when it’s grim, and learn to race with the elements beyond yourself. These are all great sportsmen and sportswomen – the best to adopt to the changing conditions will come out winner,” István noted.

He started with city marathons such as those in Budapest, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Prague. Taking up a new challenge, István went to conquer the North Pole and won the North Pole Marathon in 2011, paving the road to this year’s race on the white continent. This achievement speaks of a great spirit, especially that he had an operation in May.

“My ultimate goal is to complete the Marathon Grand Slam, which includes runs on 7 continents and the North Pole,” he said.

Congratulations István, this truly inspires us and it is our pleasure to be associated with you.