How to model the enterprise when it’s too complex? How to determine the right level of detail for the EA repository? What are the best practices to be used and the common mistakes to be avoided? How can better diagrams be defined for IT to communicate with the business more effectively?

Atoll Technologies organizes a practical workshop for those looking for the answers to the questions above and more. Participants will be given a brief introduction to the topic, followed by extensive hands-on training guided by experienced coaches.

The workshop is for everyone responsible for and interested in corporate architecture management.

Trainers: József Jungbauer, Krzysztof Tomkiewicz

The language of the training is Polish.

Program: Agenda (Polish only)


Date: 15-16 October, 2013

Location: Syntea Centrum Edukacyjne – Warszawa, ul. Postępu 21, budynek A.

Registration: Please click here to register.