The Atoll community is made up with a combination of highly experienced employees and students looking to develop their skills.  The mutual respect between the individuals and the teamwork is the basis of our operations since the beginning.  Based on strengthening these traditions our company has decided to partner with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bprof Technical Engineering and Informatics to participate in the cooperative training program.

The University has been working for years to reduce the ever larger deficit of needed technological employees in Hungary and to train the appropriate quantity and quality of IT specialists.  In 2018, based on this mission, the cooperative training program was started.

From September 2020 Atoll working with the University provides an internship to obtain professional experience for a student.  Together with the University, we strive to provide a well-founded career path and outstanding professional experience for those students that work for us.

We look forward to working together! 🙂