How many different ways and levels are services defined in your company? In experience, each department translates its activities to a service model, which does not necessarily match with that of others. Having an agreed and shared service structure is an important step towards overall agility. Charles Araujo from Intellyx explored how such can be established.

For the last several years, services have been all the rage in IT. Talking about services is a sure-fire way to signal that the IT organization is trying to be more responsive and customer-focused.

The problem is that various parts of an organization often model services in entirely different ways.

It should, therefore, be no surprise that operations and EA are in a state of continual conflict.

To compete today, an enterprise must have a crystal clear understanding of the services it delivers to its customers — and then be able to orchestrate its entire delivery model around them. IT’s ability to create and use a shared, unified service model in every aspect of planning, delivery and management will be critical to achieving this strategic goal.

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