At the end of the year, the management of Atoll Technologies Plc. offered financial support to the Várázskulcs Community, which mainly helps disadvantaged children in their studies. Through the funds from the donation, the workers can organize recreational and cultural programs for the children. 

About the Community: Since 2016, the institution has been holding playful developmental and learning help sessions in Pécel. In addition, cultural and leisure programs, summer camps and help sessions to start school are organized for the children. For the participating children, support is offered to improve their academic results, strengthen their basic skills, and help them integrate into society. They also try to provide the children motivation for further education and support to strengthen their ties to the community. 

“We are grateful for the support of the staff of Atoll Technologies Zrt., through which we can organize a half-day program for 20 of our children. The support covers entrance tickets for a cultural program, travel expenses and a half-day of meals,” Eszter Battai, founder of the Varázskulcs Community, expressed her thanks. 

The operations of the Community have been recently challenged by Covid and is currently facing difficulties due to the energy cost crisis, so they continue to welcome any support. You can find more information on how to support their work here: