It is the era of Digital Enterprise. Beyond the obvious triggers for digital transformation, a merger also represents a unique opportunity. Organizations can re-imagine the manner in which they use technology to power business processes, enhance the customer experience and create competitive advantage as they execute the integration process — essentially offering a digital transformation jumpstart.

Many organizations view a merger or acquisition as nothing more than a business transaction. The leadership teams assess the merger from the perspective of financial or market impact. In truth, however, a merger or acquisition is really a business transformation.

The bringing together of two organizational structures and cultures transforms the two organizations into something new. And because technology now underpins every aspect of every business, it also means that every merger is more than just a business transformation-it’s a digital transformation as well.

With Charles Araujo (Intellyx), we took a closer look to M&As from the enterprise architect’s perspective: How to achieve transformation and integration success in M&A activities so that the real synergies are found and leveraged?

Topics covered:

  • The Merger and Acquisition Transformation
  • Technology Transformation: What Kills M&A Success
  • A Technical Blueprint For M&A Success – Before & After the Transaction
  • Taking Your Systems & Application Inventory
  • Integration & Execution Magic via Deconstruction
  • Atoll’s SAMU: The Architectural Tool that Drives M&A Success

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