This year, the management and employees of Atoll Technologies Ltd. joined the Coffee Break – Surprise a Social Worker campaign, through which we invited the employees of two social institutions in Budapest for a coffee break. The care packages went to the four sites of the Menhely Foundation and to the Vázsonyi Vilmos Senior Home located on Rózsa street.

“A good coffee break can do wonders. We experience this ourselves daily. Currently there is a huge amount of stress on those individuals working in the social sector, so it is extremely important they take extra care of themselves by taking a coffee break during these times of emergency. Through the charity of our staff, we wanted to express our gratitude and that we are thinking about them as they stand strong day and night.
It was a pleasure to see that our treats have reached the right people and I hope that they feel our support.”
– Nikoletta Csonka of Atoll Technologies was quoted as saying regarding the charitable activity.