Our core values


We do what we say we would, you can count on that. Realizing plans, while staying in time and budget.

Willing to outperform

You’ll see our people driving for your success. We enjoy developing with you in a long partnership.

Understanding business

Our specialists understand business and can translate the needs to code. We are most confident in banks, insurance companies and telcos.


We’re helping companies to transform since 2001. Experiences, not detailed in the Big Book, have accumulated in our community.

Our Story

Atoll Technologies was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of a consulting firm with the mandate to deliver software solutions in the financial sector. Our client base was soon extended to other industries, but banking and insurance is leading still today. Since 2009 the company is owned entirely by the management.

We develop SAMU, a super-flexible web-based enterprise architecture repository that can visualize complex architectures nicely and be the planning backbone of transformation initiatives.

Atoll Solution was founded in 2009 and is operating the SAMU Cloud environment and provides bespoke software developments.

SAMU has been part of our everyday life since 2006. Both the product and Atoll are highly flexible. We have virtually had no need to which a positive response was not given.

Róbert Fritsch

Director of IT, Waterworks of Budapest

See the solutions we developed

We were born to develop software. CRM, insurance and banking frontend, election management system – you name it.


Plan transformation projects with SAMU

Use our SAMU tool to visualize your enterprise architecture and design transformation projects collaboratively.